Why you should do after sales nurturing

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Why you should do after sales nurturing

Every business owner needs to understand the importance of after-sales nurturing. It’s a way of continuing your customer journey, building brand loyalty in the process, and making the most out of your marketing efforts. This is also about remembering your customers, making them feel valued and like their business matters — because it does.

Here is how you can start thinking about your after-sales nurturing strategy and start maximizing the effectiveness of your conversions.

sales nurturing

Lead nurturing vs. customer nurturing

The key difference between a lead and a customer is that a customer has a proven interest. You know they are willing to spend their money because they found value in what you have to offer. A lead, on the other hand, may or may not become a paying customer. Most leads will never be customers. In most cases, the majority of your profit comes from a small percentage of loyal customers.

After your customer has a chance to visit your website, interact with your ads, and experience the value that your business offers, you would have gathered enough data to reach them in a more direct and personal way. This makes your future marketing efforts much more effective than what you can do with cold prospects.

Why after sales nurturing matters

Conversions are never the end of your customer journey. For many, they are just the beginning. It should be one of your highest priorities to provide your customers with as good an experience as possible. Your customers can become brand ambassadors and are more likely to make a bigger purchase.

10 reasons you should invest in after sales nurturing

  1. Increase the value of your conversions

  2. Build brand loyalty

  3. Increase your reputation’s reach

  4. Make more effective offers

  5. Incorporate automated marketing efforts with new data

  6. Gather more data on your customers

  7. Improve customer retention 

  8. Opportunity to try new things

  9. Stand out from your competition

  10. Perfect your sales funnel

It’s easier than ever for a customer to leave their reviews online. This means a happy customer can quickly help you build social proof and spread awareness of your brand through word of mouth. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, and it can either make or break your reputation. Be good to your customers, offer them real value, and follow up with them to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

How marketing automation can help you keep customers

The rich data you get from your customers is priceless, but only if you know how to use it. In marketing, you are always at a disadvantage when trying to turn a cold prospect into a customer. Whether you’re using solicited or unsolicited advertisements, it’s an uphill battle compared to how the customer journey looks after they’ve made a sale.

A great way to use this data is through an automated marketing campaign that can take what you know about your customer and send custom messages, videos, or offers. You can send when certain behaviors, such as signing up for your blog, trigger your advertisement and include relevant information based on their location, demonstrated interests, or predicted interests.

For the best results, use experts in marketing automation to help strategize your marketing campaign. You’ll need to gather a lot of data about your customers, understand the most effective ways of using it, and how you can incorporate this information into an automated marketing strategy. You may know this as a drip campaign; usually, an automated email marketing strategy that uses predefined triggers to lead a customer down the sales funnel for conversions and repeat purchases.

How to create a winning customer nurturing campaign

Paying customers are much more likely to engage with your ad content and personalized offers, giving you a lot of information about who your customer is and what can trigger a purchase. An effective customer nurturing campaign organizes customers into demographics and any other relevant categories that help inform the marketing’s direction.

Read more about segmenting your audience for personalized marketing.

Once you’ve segmented your audience and have enough data for a buyer persona, you must start analyzing the data. Is your marketing strategy working? Do you need to improve something? Or, is what you’re doing spot on?

You need to look at the numbers to help guide your understanding of the success of your customer retention strategy, checking engagements, conversions, and resources invested to reach your goal.

Make customer retention part of the buyer journey

Depending on your buyer persona, it’s up to you to choose how to best reach your customer. You can use social media, personalized emails, a landing page, or any other kind of targeted content made specifically for an existing customer.

Content marketing is a valuable part of the nurturing process, not because it’s a sales opportunity, but because it makes your existing customer feel included. Unlike a potential customer, you don’t have to compete for attention or overcome the awareness stage.

If your marketing team only tries to nurture leads, you’re missing out on half of the nurturing process and the valuable opportunity to engage with your customer to deepen your relationship and learn more about them.

Ways to strengthen sales funnel:

  • use social media to interact with customers

  • follow up on abandoned carts

  • send personalized emails

  • refine your buyer persona

  • gather more data about your buyer journey

Masterly Business — lead generation and after sales nurturing

If you want to master your nurture strategy for potential customers and existing customers, Masterly Business can help you utilize marketing automation, carry out a drip campaign, and handle all your content marketing needs. Take advantage of the expertise of professional marketers, and use a data-backed campaign strategy to see real results.

Schedule a call to learn more about what we can do for you and your business. Or, use our free online resources to learn more about reaching potential customers and strengthening your nurturing strategy. 

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