Why Every Woman in Business Should Be Using Personalized Marketing

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Why Every Woman in Business Should Be Using Personalized Marketing

If you have stepped foot in the digital marketing world, you might have heard of personalized marketing. Personalized marketing is a cutting-edge technique perfect for small businesses carving out their niche and making the most of every dollar spent on ads. Personalized marketing puts women in business ahead and gives them the reach that larger companies can’t keep up with.

You can use personalized marketing and automation together to make every client feel your business’s personal touch, building trust and encouraging brand loyalty. It requires businesses to take a deeper look into the customer journey to create product recommendations, personalized content, or a personalized offer tailored to rich customer data. Here’s why every woman in business should be using personalized marketing.

What does personalization mean in marketing?

Personalized marketing, also known as one-to-one marketing, leverages data and digital technology to create personalized messages, videos, and promotions. Whether you’re working with a cold prospect or a returning customer, your audience will get the impression the ad was made for them and only them. It’s a great way to get the ball rolling, sparking an interest in potential clients and showing them that you take a personal interest in their business.

You can use personalized marketing to build trust and customer loyalty. When a client sees a specific message or ad targeted towards their interest, business website, or product, it tells them you’ve done your research. They’re not just a random person who you give the same line again and again.

This marketing strategy also has a shock factor that is extremely successful in improving click-through rates. When someone sees an ad with their website, products, or pictures, it makes them curious enough to click. It’s the digital version of walking through time square and seeing one of your images on the big screens.

How is data gathered and used in personalized marketing?

Personalized marketing requires a lot of data. Your priority should be to respect your prospective client’s privacy, only using public information easily accessible and appropriate for use in an ad. It’s also best practice to have your audience opt-in before receiving your promotions to cover your bases.

You can use data your clients provide when opting in and information from past purchases, inquiries, and social media. The challenge in personal marketing isn’t finding data; it’s using it correctly. That data is out there for anyone to use.

But the personalized marketing strategy isn’t as simple as taking someone’s information and using it in your promotions. A good strategy uses information intentionally, giving thought to how, when, and where it is used.

How do you personalize the customer experience?

Creating personalized ads for thousands of people can take a lot of time. This makes automation a crucial part of the personalized marketing strategy. For a successful personalized marketing campaign, you need to automate your process for collecting information and compiling ads meant for your audience.

The tricky thing about this strategy is keeping that “personal touch” without letting it take too much of your attention. Most of your attention needs to be devoted to crafting your strategy, narrowing down your audience, and automating the personalization experience to make ads feel like they were only made for the person you send them to.

For personalized marketing to work with automation, you need to do your homework. Think to yourself, “Who is my ideal customer, and what are they like?” You need to think deeply about this, discussing it with your team, and using as much data as possible. Once you come up with a customer persona, you can start thinking about how you can automate your marketing strategy.

Questions to develop your customer persona:

  • Who is my ideal customer?

  • What do they like to do?

  • What social media platform do they prefer?

  • How much money do they make?

  • What do they spend money on?

  • How else can I use customer data?

Why personalized marketing works

Personalized marketing is extremely effective—sometimes too effective. In some cases, marketers are more aware of what someone is thinking before they can even realize they are thinking it. But how does this work?

After coming up with a customer persona, you learn vital information as a marketer. The goal is to take what you know about your audience’s behavior, using that information to anticipate or encourage a desired action. In a sense, you have to know your customer better than they know themselves.

For example, think about how people answer questions on a survey. Data experts always have to account for the fact that survey respondents aren’t completely honest with their answers or that the answers don’t reflect the truth even when a respondent is not trying to intentionally mislead. 

Some reasons why respondents don’t answer truthfully can be due to the influence of socially desirable answers, the desire to appear better, please the surveyor, or even from a lack of self-awareness. As a marketer, you have to take what you know about your customer and use it to learn more about what they don’t know about themselves.

How women in business can use marketing personalization

Women in business have a lot to gain from the personalized marketing strategy. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a business of your own, it can be a powerful and cost-effective way to increase the success of your marketing efforts. This puts women in business ahead of the curve, rubbing shoulders with the biggest names out there.

When most people hear about the strategies used in personalized marketing and automation, they falsely assume these are reserved for the biggest companies with the most money to spend. But the whole point of personalized marketing is making every dollar count and giving our audience a tailored customer experience.

As a businesswoman, you are your company’s greatest asset. Use yourself and your image to leverage the personal interaction that so many people crave when looking to form long-lasting partnerships or trust with a brand.

Ready to try personalized marketing for yourself?

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