Using personalization in email marketing

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Using personalization in email marketing

The days of sending mass emails to our customers are over – or at least they should be. Personalization in email marketing is the number one way to reach your customers, increase your engagement, conversion rate, and trust in your branding. 

Personalization takes a closer look at customers, taking into account the vast amounts of data at our disposal and creating personalized offers that can be seen at the right time, in the right place, and by the right person. The good news is you probably have the data to get started today. So, how can you start using personalization in email marketing?

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How do you personalize email content?

Personalization relies on a fundamental principle in marketing; relevance. Personalization uses data to create customized content that boosts relevance and increases engagement with your emails. It’s why mass-marketed emails don’t work, no matter how many you send or how you phrase your copy. They usually fall on deaf ears and provide meager returns from the effort and time you put into them. 

But personalizing email content isn’t as straightforward as plugging in your customer’s information and sending an email. It requires a systematic and calculated approach. You and your team need to closely discuss your personalized marketing strategy, identify segments you want to target, and list ways to increase your offer’s relevance. 

This strategy is also best paired with selective automation, targeting your email copy sections with dynamic content. Automation used strategically can help you carry out your personalized email marketing campaign and give it that personal touch no matter your audience’s size.

Segment your audience for personalized emails

Knowing your audience and who you are ideal customers are is crucial to your personalized email marketing campaign. Segmenting your audience requires you to do a deep dive into who you are targeting and what value you provide to customers. 

How you can segment your audience:

Gathering this data is crucial for deciding when to send emails, how often to send them, and what phrasing you should use. Using dynamic content in your emails paired with customer segmentation, you can produce highly effective personalized email content that increases click-through rates and conversions. All of this, however, requires a lot of data.

How to use customer data for email personalization

How much data do you need to conduct a personalized email marketing campaign effectively? All of it. Well, at least all the data you can get your hands on. Data analytics is another crucial aspect of successful email marketing campaigns, allowing you to adjust your course and target the highest returning groups. Here are some examples of how you can use customer data for email personalization.

Abandoned cart emails

Abandoned carts are a great example of how personalized emails can be used. If a potential customer added items to their cart and made it as far as your checkout page, you can use the email they provided to follow up on the unfinished purchase. Personalizing the email would include custom offers, highlighted products you think they might be interested in, and personal information like locations or first names.

Customer reviews

You can use your customer’s purchase behavior to reach out for reviews, offering personalized incentives or custom offers. Subject lines can be customized based on your customer profile and/or most recent purchases. Using this strategy helps build social trust and communicates the importance of providing a positive customer experience.

Promotions and special offers

If you have a promotion or special offer, you can target your email to the most relevant customers by age, purchase history, location, and predicted interests. You can include your offer and personalized message in the subject line and email copy to greatly increase your engagement and click-through rates. When someone opens your email, it will feel like it was made just for them. 

Triggered emails

You can use triggered emails (email sequences) in your personalized email marketing strategy as another way to target segmented groups. Some examples of triggered emails include re-engagement emails, welcome emails, inventory updates, and announcements. Depending on the specifics of your business and goals with marketing, you can completely customize emails for any targeted behaviors.

What amount of email personalization is good personalization?

Not knowing the amount of email personalization you need is a common concern for people who are just starting to use this strategy. Some of us are afraid to overdo it, unsure if the information we are using will spark a negative reaction from a potential customer. Or, maybe you’re afraid to underdo it either from a lack of data or knowledge of how to best implement it.

The rule of thumb is to always use information that is relevant to both you and your customer. This usually takes care of information that may be too direct or detailed for another person’s comfort. The information that qualifies as relevant to both you and your customer will depend on the specifics of your business and what you offer.

You know you have a good amount of email personalization when you see results. Like any marketing strategy, you need to take data analytics into consideration. Finding the right amount of personalization in your emails is a matter of looking at the data, identifying your customer personas, and a lot of testing.

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