The History, Values, and Expertise Behind Masterly Business Solutions

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The History, Values, and Expertise Behind Masterly Business Solutions

Masterly Business Solutions is a personalized marketing and automation agency that focuses on helping brands craft meaningful campaigns to drive conversions. Founder Selle Evans leverages her automation and business experience to create unique, effective plans for companies of all sizes. Learn about the history of Masterly Business Solutions as well as the personal values and professional expertise that power the agency. 

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The History Of Masterly Business Solutions

Like many entrepreneurs, Selle Evanscareer path was more of a winding road than a direct path. After starting in accounting, Evans realized that the field relies upon outdated and even antiquated processes. She was driven to create more efficient solutions and frequently turned to automation to streamline her work. With a belief in working smarter, not harder, Evans knew that automation could solve problems and modernize an industry that was stuck in traditions.


Evans quickly made a name for herself and climbed the corporate ranks, eventually being appointed company president. In this role, she focused on evaluating and modernizing processes. Her new perspective made it obvious how many unnecessary tools and tasks could be removed or improved, revealing a more efficient and productive organization.


It was clear that Evans had a passion for strategic processes, so she branched out to found Masterly Business Solutions. The company tackled broad business consulting in its early days, but Evans again realized she was drawn to automation and strategy. She researched business practices and discovered that automation can make the biggest impact in marketing and sales. Strategies like personalization, advanced segmentation, and automated messaging became Masterly Business Solutionscore focus.


Creating Professional Opportunities Among Marginalized Groups

Evans has an impressive resume, but learned through her experiences that she wasnt always playing on an even field. Many business concepts are built upon unexamined biases, stereotypes, and assumptions, which reduce opportunities for many budding professionals. 


Rather than fighting for a seat at the table, Evans eventually pivoted to build her own table. As a result of her initial career success, Evans gained access to spaces that were previously unavailable. However, at awards ceremonies and other formal business events, Evans would scan the room and realize that no one else looked like her.


It was a blow for Evans to see that, despite swimming upstream to deliver amazing results, she was still underrepresented at high levels. She remembered times shed been made to feel unwelcome, unwanted, and professionally disrespected, and wondered how many other people had been turned away from such opportunities.

Part of the Masterly Business Solutions story is Evans
belief that marginalized groups should come together and forge their own opportunities. Minority women start companies at a faster rate than any other demographic in the United States, so Evans knows the market is ready. She believes that, through community-building, people can support each other and help all minority groups succeed.

Two Common Challenges Faced By New Business Owners

Women of color are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs by a huge percentage, yet Evans knows that only a fraction of these companies will ever bring in six figures of revenue. Many factors play into a businesss struggles and successes, but Evans has identified two of the most common problems she sees in the early stages of a company.

Not Charging Enough For Services

One reason why new businesses fail is that theyre not bringing in enough revenue. Sometimes this is due to a lack of customers, but Evans has also seen this phenomenon in businesses that built a happy community of satisfied clients. Women are often socialized to devalue their labor. As a result, many female entrepreneurs struggle to set prices that accurately reflect their worth, work, and expertise.

Not Focusing On A Specific Niche

Many new business owners are overflowing with ideas. Evans often sees brand-new companies selling everything from shoes to makeup to CBD products, all under the same brand name and in a single storefront or online shop. Evans advises her clients to rein in their creative impulses and focus on only one product or service at first. Its easier to build a customer base and brand recognition by perfecting one particular product. After that initial service is successful, then business owners can add another line.


Applying These Principles


Automation was the first perfected product for Evans. As she tells her clients, it was only after she built a strong foundation of automation skills that she branched into additional services, such as marketing and consulting. Once youve built a solid skillset and have proven your expertise, its time to raise rates accordingly. 


Rates and specialization should form a feedback loop. As an entrepreneur improves her products and services, she should increase her prices to reflect these upgrades. Evans credits this cycle for the growth and success of Masterly Business Solutions.

The Power Of Personalization

Personalized marketing drives todays spending habits. Through targeted marketing campaigns, consumers regularly hear from brands through direct, personalized methods. Marketers may feel intimidated by the idea of crafting thousands of personalized experiences, but Evans knows that personalization is a perfect task for automated tools.


Evans recommends these steps for personalizing a campaign through automation.

•   Track how prospects engage with your products, content, and digital presence

•   Determine audience segments, including their desires, demographics, and pain points

•   Craft messaging for audience segments, including personalized images, videos, and other content

•   Automate the creation process to produce content at scale


Automation allows marketing teams to scale their traditional marketing efforts with very little additional effort. Companies can still reach out to prospects based on their unique interactions with the brand. However, automation helps marketing go beyond established methods. Truly personalized messaging can speak to prospects by name, make useful product suggestions, offer relevant sales promotions, and more. 


Thanks to increased conversion rates, sales, and profit, it is becoming more efficient to use automation than to stick with traditional marketing methods.


Implementing Automated Marketing As A New, Small, or Mid-Size Company

Huge corporations like Coca-Cola have the resources to try almost any marketing campaign they want. However, Evans knows that smaller companies must be more agile and creative with their resources. Single-person start-ups, small brands that may not have an in-house marketing wing, and even mid-sized companies can struggle to shift tactics. 


Personalized marketing and automation can deliver impressive long-term results, but small companies might feel like they cant afford to lay the necessary groundwork. In these cases, Evans recommends starting with powerful but manageable tools. Here are some steps to take when beginning a self-guided personalization campaign.

First, study web traffic, user demographics, and user behavior through Google Analytics or a similar data tracking tool. Look at which pages users visit as well as where they spend their time and the last page they visit before leaving the site. For example, if visitors tend to leave after visiting the same page, that content or page layout could be driving users away.

Examine trends in user demographics. If the majority of visitors are of a similar age, from a particular geographic location, or share other demographics, that detail should inform your messaging. You can study demographics to target trends, language, design elements, and more.

Build audience segments. Most brands have a range of prospects and customers. Even if all of your visitors are of the same age and live in the same physical area, they still likely have different incomes, educational levels, family statuses, and other characteristics. Create personas to represent these segments and address each group using distinct promotions. Segmentation allows companies to improve their marketing while scaling to fully automated personalization.

Finally, capture your audience before they leave. Once a prospect closes your site, do you have a way to contact them again? Evans recommends exit popups to capture prospects. Make an opt-in offer, such as joining an email list in exchange for a discount code or free download. This allows brands to stay in contact with prospects and hopefully convert them in the future.

Evans understands that dynamic content generation isn
t achievable for every company at this time. However, some automation and personalization principles can be applied almost immediately. She recommends businesses start where they are. Any automation will drive efficiency, effectiveness, and ideally, profits. Reinvest that additional income back into further automation projects. As the campaign scales, it will lead to more improvements and wins.


Personalization Case Study

One of Evansclients runs an e-commerce shop that sells a variety of popular items, made by popular brands. The items have a loyal fan base, but because these products are so widespread, the client struggled to distinguish herself from the competition. 


Evans leveraged automation to create a fully personalized, immersive digital shopping experience across the clients site. Visitors can shop products in photos and videos across the shop, not merely on listing pages. The site was also overhauled to provide a custom experience for every visitor. Users are welcomed by name if possible and enjoy friendly, affirmational messaging throughout the shop. By focusing on the experience, the client can charge higher prices than the competition while still converting.


Learn More About Masterly Business Solutions

Through her business experience, Evans has seen the power of innovation, risk-taking, and community. She knows that theres room for everyone to succeed and hopes to help more marginalized communities and women of color build their brands. To see how personalization and automation can drive your success, click here to learn more.

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