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MarQ Clayton

Future Tarrant County Judge

For our first episode 🎧 we invited MarQ Clayton to SPILL THE TEA 🍵 on her industry! And ❤️ SHE DELIVERED. We talked about her struggles, her triumphs and her plans as she runs for Tarrant County Judge.

It was an amazing conversation 😍 and I can’t wait to see her with a gavel fighting against social injustice as she has during her time as an attorney.

You can find out more about MarQ and her campaign by visiting her website here:

Jerica Watson

Mompreneurship Mastery

For our second episode, 🎧 we invited Jerica Watson n to SPILL THE TEA 🍵 on her industry! And ❤️ SHE LIGHT UP OUR LIVES. We talked about her reaching the lowest point of her life and coming out the other end with a story of triumph and perseverance.

Jerica tells us the best way to include our kids in our business journey. Tips to balance the juggling act of entrepreneurship and still being present for our kids.

Learn more about Jerica, and shop her amazing non-toxic specialty candles here:

Tiffanie Kellog

The Power of Referrals

For our third episode, 🎧 we invited Tiffanie Kellog to SPILL THE TEA 🍵 on her industry! And ❤️ SHE GAVE US SOME GEMS. We talked about how to organically grow your business.

Utilizing your current happy customers or community to organically grow your business is a really smart move.

In this episode Tiffanie gave us some great statistics on how to user Referral Marketing to grow our business and also WHY it’s a way to grow faster and more sustainably.

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