How to take a data-driven approach to email marketing

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How to take a data-driven approach to email marketing

Data-driven email marketing is the ultimate tool to improve your sales funnel, track consumer behavior, and perfect your personalized marketing strategy. Data-driven decision-making is essential for increasing your ROI and providing actionable insights into what you can do to increase engagement and provide a better customer experience. Here, we’ll cover what a data-driven approach is and how your business can benefit from it.

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How can I use data to create better emails?

Marketing without data is like rain without water; it wouldn’t be marketing at all. Data driven marketing gives us a clearer picture of who we’re marketing to, how effective our marketing efforts are, and what we can do to improve. But gathering data is one thing — what’s more important is how you use it.

When you begin to utilize your data to its fullest potential, it can completely change the results of your email marketing campaign. You can drastically increase your conversion rates, increase sales, reach, engagement, and even use it to hyper-target your highest paying audience.

First, you need to outline your goals

Before you begin gathering data, you need to outline your goals and discuss them with your marketing team.  Some example goals for your email marketing campaign might include increasing conversion rates and engagement. Many marketers report that emails are incredibly successful at nurturing leads.

Without an outlined goal, you won’t have an organized way to gather data and test solutions. You can think of the data-driven approach to marketing a lot like a science experiment. If you are running an experiment, you need to have a hypothesis (a prediction) and isolated variables (one to two things you are testing). 

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is an important part of your data driven email marketing strategy. You can use A/B testing for subject lines, calls to action, or even personalization techniques. Here’s how it works.

You begin by creating two versions of the part of the email your testing. For this example, we’ll use subject lines. One subject line might say, “Quick tips to improve your email marketing” and the other, “Instantly increase your email marketing conversions!” After you have your two subject lines, you would test them by sending them to enough people to gather a large enough sample size and see which subject line performs better.

The key here is to test one factor of your email at a time, so if anything changes, you’ll know what was responsible for it. If you try to test more than one thing at a time, it’ll be nearly impossible to see what is working and what isn’t. Remember, it’s called A/B testing, not A/B/C/D testing.

How can I use data to personalize my email marketing?

Using data to personalize your emails is one of the best ways to achieve the results you’re looking for. You can use email personalization to send customized offers, include names in the subject lines, use locations specific messages, and so much more. As 87% of marketers use emails, personalization can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Personalized email marketing is a data-driven solution that gives your message a more personal feel and can help you build trust with your brand. Unless you do something to immediately signal your email as relevant for your audience, it will likely be seen as spam and can significantly damage your relationship with your customer.

Another great thing about using data to personalize your strategy is that you can use it to create automated emails while still maintaining that personal touch you can’t find in mass-marketed emails. Using the right technology, automated emails can personalize subject lines, pictures, and unique offers without using a real person’s input.

Learn more about personalized emails with marketing automation and how you can use them in your marketing strategy to increase conversions and get the greatest ROI.

What data do you need for email marketing?

If you are starting from scratch, a good place to focus your data research is on your audience. The goal of data-driven digital marketing should be to focus your efforts where they matter most, and you can do this by knowing who your audience is and what would be the best way to approach them. This is where you begin to segment your audience, using psychographic, geographic, demographic, and behavioral data to hyper-target your emails.

Learn more about segmenting your audience for personalized emails.

After you know who your audience is and organize your data into usable information, you can begin gathering customer data by looking at how they interact with your emails and ad content. Web analytics are vital for collecting this kind of information. You need to know things like conversion rates, bounce rates, reach, impressions, and many other factors that give you a better idea of how your content is being interacted with. 

One of my favorite ways to track customer behavior is to use a heatmap. A heatmap shows you where your audience is clicking, what buttons or text they interact with the most, and is an excellent tool for showing you how effective the outlines of your emails are.

Masterly Business – Your solution to a data-driven marketing strategy

When most business owners learn about data-driven email marketing, they shy away from it because it’s an involved process that can take a lot of time and requires specialized tools, experience, and help from a bigger team. Masterly Business is your solution to a data-driven marketing strategy. Leave the automation, data analysis, social media marketing, and the rest of your marketing strategy to us.

We use cutting-edge AI for the best customer experience possible, following your target audience using predictive analytics and machine learning to increase engagement. If you want to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level, contact us today, or use our online resources to learn more about what you can do to improve your results.


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