Building a personalized marketing funnel

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Building a personalized marketing funnel

Personalized marketing funnels are one of the best ways to dramatically increase your conversion rate. Today, inbound marketing dominates because customers do their own research, coming to your business with the curiosity and intent already there. This is why personalized marketing funnels work and give the highest returns.

Anyone can build a personalized marketing funnel by following these simple steps and start increasing their conversions instantly. Here’s how you can get started.

Marketing Funnel

Understand your buyer’s journey

What is a buyer’s journey? A buyer’s journey is the steps a customer takes from being a cold prospect and converting into a buyer. Generally, it follows these steps; problem, curiosity, research, and finally, the decision to buy or not to buy from you. To understand your customer journey, you need to take a close look at your buyer persona and the value you offer to them.

You should be able to answer what problem you’re solving, what value you add, and why you are the best option for your target audience. From here, you can start building your personalized marketing funnel, targeting critical steps in the journey for maximum conversions. This strategy is far more effective than outbound marketing because your audience comes to you already curious and with a high intent to buy.

Content marketing is key to your personalized sales funnel

How do you make most of your purchases? If you are like most people, you research a problem and product online, and after you’ve learned enough, you decide on whether or not you are going to go through with the purchase. Content marketing is the key to capturing your customer’s curiosity and converting their energy into actionable steps toward your business.

This means you need to prioritize SEO, showing up in the search results for the keywords and topics your prospective customer is likely to search for when they have a curiosity related to your business. The key to content marketing in your personalized sales funnel is providing relevant and valuable content so you can increase customer engagement and provide a seemingly personalized experience. Keep this in mind when you write a blog post or create a video.

Content creation achieves two crucial things in a sales funnel, attracting and converting your audience. This is your chance to convince your customer of the value you offer in solving their problem and why your solution is the best option. Personalizing your content for curious customers is like offering shade on a sunny day. 

Converting visitors into leads

This is the step in your sales funnel where you can really ramp up your personalization strategy and increase the effectiveness of your pitch. Once a visitor makes it to your website and finds value in it as a resource for satisfying their curiosity or intent, they’ll be primed to offer more information about themselves. This can come in the form of providing their email, name, background, and they may even spell out the reason they’ve come to your website in the first place. Gathering customer data is key to personalization.

Having a call to action in your content is crucial for converting visitors into leads. You should make it as easy as possible for visitors to subscribe to your email, learn more about your product or service, and move closer to becoming a paying customer. Once you have the data, you can start content personalization.

Nurture your leads using personalized marketing and marketing automation

Now that you have more information about your customer and they’ve assisted you by segmenting themselves, you can start nurturing your leads. Personalized emails are the perfect example of how content personalization can be done effectively and with a minimal investment of your resources. Emails can be triggered by behaviors and the information the customer provides, giving you a way to personalize your offer and speak directly to them.

For example, suppose upon visiting your website, your lead offers their email and expresses an interest in a product. In that case, you can follow up with a personalized offer including their name and information about why it would be perfect for them. Much of this can be automated using your customer’s information to make your marketing efforts more targeted, relevant, and likely to convert.

Using your audience’s information in your sales funnel can dramatically increase your conversions and nurture first-time buyers into becoming loyal customers. A sales funnel by itself is already mostly automatic because it’s guided by customer intent and curiosity, but using the information to personalize your marketing efforts is the key to creating an automated experience that feels personal. Mass target messages just don’t work anymore.

How do you start building a personalized marketing funnel?

Even if you know what goes into making a personalized marketing funnel, you may still be at a loss for knowing how to get started. It requires vast amounts of data, the tools and knowledge to use it effectively, and creative strategies for funneling customer intent into purchases. This is why using a personalized marketing agency is paramount to the success of your efforts.

To make it work, and make it work well, you should rely on the expertise of professional marketers to gather information and provide cutting-edge AI to automate your message. This requires a lot of time that most business owners can’t afford to spend on their own. By hiring a personalized marketer, you get to put your focus where it matters most –  your business.

The world of personalized marketing and sales funnels is a big one, and there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. Even when the goal is to automate as much of your marketing efforts as you can, you still need the input of a knowledgeable person with the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

Masterly Business – We’ve mastered personalized marketing funnels

If you ready to dive into the world of personalized marketing, grow your business, and offer the best possible customer experience, use Masterly Business for proven strategies that increase conversion rates. Marketing doesn’t have to be a mystery and you don’t have to go at it alone, our team of highly qualified professionals will work around the clock to help you and your business achieve its goals. 

Want to see what we’re all about? Schedule a free call so you can learn more about personalized marketing and decide if it’s right for you.


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